For its opening and throughout the period of the exhibition, Aboca offers its visitors a programme of conferences to learn more about Leonardo’s thinking from a modern perspective.

A busy programme of events both in Florence and other Italian cities, where together scholars and philosophers reflect on the extraordinary work of Leonardo da Vinci, interweaving the systemic thinking that he suggested five hundred years ago with insights from today.

Aboca also offers other ways to learn more about Leonardo da Vinci that are accessible to all, including families and children: Leonardo’s Botanical Walks; a walk around Florence with Aboca’s botanists finding “Leonardo’s” plants that today live and survive between cement and tarmac; and educational workshops – “Leonardo: an eclectic and colourful character” – to help children discover his wonderful experimental spirit.

13th September, 6pm
The Grand Cloister (Chiostro Grande) of Santa Maria Novella

Conference with the exhibition’s curators


Stefano Mancuso, one of the leading world authorities in the field of plant neurobiology, Fritjof Capra, physicist, systems theorist and Leonardo scholar, and Valentino Mercati, founder and president of Aboca.

14th September, 11am
Leaving from Piazza Santa Maria Novella

Leonardo’s Botanical Walk


A walk through the heart of Florence with Aboca’s botanists, to find “Leonardo’s” plants growing between the cement and tarmac.

Bookings open from 2nd September

14th September, 3pm
Santa Maria Novella Museum

Leonardo: an eclectic and colourful characterworkshop for children (6 -13 years)


Leonardo da Vinci was not only a genius, an artist and a scientist, he was above all a great experimenter.

He loved to try, attempt and prove, and all of his great ideas and projects came from his close observation of nature, animals and plants. He must have had great fun! And we’ll have great fun too in this workshop where we will extract the colours from plants, flowers, fruits…you name it! And then it’s over to the science, with bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, lemon and some secret ingredients to switch from one colour to another with genius and skill! When we’ve finished, we obviously have to sign our works with a goose-feather quill and ink that we have made ourselves, just like Leonardo.

Bookings open from 2nd September

All events are free and subject to availability. For the botanical walk and the educational workshop, bookings open from 2nd September.


  • Florence, Friday 18th October, 6pm, Santa Maria Novella Museum, Giulio Giorello
  • Florence, Friday 15th November, 6pm, Santa Maria Novella Museum, Massimo Recalcati